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Recent changes in regulation have opened up new opportunities for businesses and individuals to lower their health insurance costs through association health plans. However, most businesses are unfamiliar with association health plans. AssociationHealthPlans.com was created to provide straightforward answers regarding:

  • Who can create association health plans?
  • What’s involved in the process?
  • Who’s eligible to participate in plan benefits?
  • How are the plans regulated?

AssociationHealthPlans.com provides resources to help you determine if association insurance is the right solution for your needs. These plans are expected to be transformative for American health insurance in coming years and AssociationHealthPlans.com is at the vanguard of this market shift. We do this by providing extensive information on key issues relating to association health plans, from their savings and flexibility to their creation and governance. We know that the foundation of success for the emergent association insurance market is clear information that is actionable. For our part, AssociationHealthPlans.com is committed to continually expanding the ways we can help businesses and the self-employed who are exploring this exciting new opportunity in health coverage.

Kev Coleman

President & Founder

Kev Coleman, healthcare thought leader and author of “Association Health Plans & the Future of Health Insurance,” founded AssociationHealthPlans.com to assist businesses and individuals to access the insurance savings enjoyed by large businesses. A passionate consumer advocate, Mr. Coleman has performed influential nonpartisan research on the American healthcare market by leveraging data sources from government, nonprofit, and private sectors. In 2015, LifeHealthPro named Mr. Coleman as one of the “The 20 Most CreativePeople in Insurance.” Key areas of study for Mr. Coleman include healthcare consumerism, the Affordable Care Act, association health plans, and Medicare insurance. His data and research has been cited in top newspapers from the Wall Street Journal and New York Times to Consumer Reports and USA Today. Additionally, congressional discussions (both Democratic and Republican) of health reform have made use of his studies. Mr. Coleman holds degrees from Eastern Nazarene College, Yale University, and Duke University and lives in the Nashville, Tennessee area.

Kev Coleman